“by similars a disease arises and by administering similars people regain their health from sickness”
    Hippocrates (5th Century BC)

    “Nature is the healer of all disease”
    Hippocrates (5th Century BC)
    Phytotherapy originates in man’s first steps for treatment in the beginning of time.
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    Acupuncture is an ancient medical system partly based on TAO philosophy as well as on long observation and practice.

Acupuncture is an ancient medical system partly based on TAO philosophy as well as on long observation and practice.

It was established and has been developed  mainly in China for over 4500 years. During the first years, people used needles made of stone and later of bones and bamboo. The Chinese emperor Huang Di, the so-called yellow emperor, in the time of whom metal needles were first used, lived around 2697 to 2596 BC and he is accredited with the classic texts and basic knowledge on Acupuncture. There have been references in Ancient Egypt, India, Greece (Hippocrates), Scythia, Arabia etc.
According to the traditional Chinese thought and philosophy, TAO (cosmic Principle - Power, the One) created Chi (vital energy, cosmic basic principle) contained in everything and is responsible for every alteration and balance.
This kind of energy circulates inside specific channels/meridians of the human body (which is somehow equivalent to blood circulation). Onto the meridians, there are spots which are keys/windows for the flow of this kind of energy. By placing the needles (antiseptic and most times disposable ones), we release or constrain this source of energy and restore the balance of the human body.
This is a simplistic approach and explanation of how the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture acts. But in reality, its study demands long-lasting research and practice.
Their way of thinking, thus diagnosing and treating, is complex and quite different from the western-culture mechanistic, but scientific approach (given the fact that it’s based on observing, experimenting and verifying through repetition). It has also been theoretically and practically verified in billions of people and for thousands of years.
Nowadays, occupation with Acupunctural treatment on behalf of thousands of western doctors is not only given but indispensable (health problems are increasing and differentiating while medical solutions of the “Western” Medical Science are often insufficient or even ineffective).
Modern scientific thought tries to approach and explain the Acupunctural action proven throughout the centuries. New theoretical – research approaches are made according to contemporary knowledge on neurology, physiology, neuro-endocrinology and neuro-sciences. Dozens of theories and experiments exist and are being carried out to this direction (Thalamic Integration Theory, Multiple Gate Theory, 5-Hydroxytryptamine Theory, Motor Gate Theory, Endorphin Release Theory, Neuronic Theory etc).
Acupunctural treatment is applied to a very wide range of health problems, much wider than the list prepared by the World Health Organization and cited below.
There are applications in problems of movement, pain, dumbness, allergies, aesthetic, addiction etc, by a specialised doctor, painlessly and securely.
The World Health Organization (W.H.O. Chronicle 34, 249, 1980) specified a list of diseases or symptoms where Acupuncture can be applied.
Some of the most important ones are:
Functional diseases: Allergic rhinitis, Allergic bronchial asthma, Sinusitis, Stomach and duodenum ulcer, “spastic” Colitis, Astriction, Climacteric disorders.
Painful musculoskeletal syndromes: Cervicobrachial syndrome, Lumbago - Ischialgia, Cervicodynias - Thoraxalgias, Arthritis and periarthritis of the knee, shoulder, shank bone etc, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular aches (disperse or local)
Nervous system diseases: Headaches – migraines, Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, Facial nerve paresis, Vertigos, Tinnitus
Psychological and psychophysical disorders: Stress neurosis, Phobias, Neurovegetative disorders, Sleep, memory, adaptation and behavioural disorders, chronic exhaustion
Skin diseases: Allergic eczema, rashes, Acme, Psoriasis

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